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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions. 

If you have a questions that you can’t find please contact us.

We strive to deliver a bespoke marketing and advertising strategy to you within 7 working days.

To make this collaboration successful – yes!  That way we can set-up, monitor and track results in real time and show outcomes to you in monthly reporting.

Depending on the level of complexity of your business, customer base, strategy solution proposed and budget will determine how long it will take us Generation Collective to execute a plan to begin working with you.

We have two types of reporting to offer clients.  1. Lower level KPI’s on leads generated.  2. Higher level goals such as strategy solution goals set inside your SLA.

While we would love to help all forms of business, we see best results from collaborations with like-minded personnel who are passionate about making SMART goals that are achievable.  That said, we do see a need to offer professional guidance to sales teams who are looking to optimise their sales lead strategy and tactics.  This may include optimisation of websites, mail nurture sequences and lead nurture sequences.

Every industry has a different sales, product and operational cycle and how they interact with their clients.  Generation Collective uses a basic formula to calculate the average order value ( AOV). (AOV/3) ÷ 5% = X CPL


Sure!  So imagine your average order value is $5,000.  We will divide that figure by 3  = $1,670.  We presume that with a great sales process, your conversion rate (CR) should be at least approximated at 5%.   This could be a little conservative a percentage for some industries and organisations, but you get the gist. That $1,670 is divided by 5% = $34 (rounded up).
So $34 is the CPL for this scenario!

Save time – you don’t have to train, manage or monitor us.  We pay ourselves, work autonomously and work on generating leads while you work on growing your business.

While we are sure our service will exponentially grow your business, there is always a need to provide personalised content aimed at the various stages of your prospective customer’s buyer journey.

The volume of qualified leads that move to convert increases and outperforms the usual campaigns.

Using metrics such as cost-per-lead, lead form completion rates and number of leads into your CRM are but a few of the main metrics used.

As a lead is driven to you, they come at a variety of stages of the buying journey, dependent on their pain points and urgency to complete a transaction with you.
There are three main segments of this journey – which is represented in the Consumer Buying Process.



We encourage an inside sales team in order for scalability and maximising conversion of leads conversion.

The biggest issue partners have is understanding the actual costs around employment – including recruitment costs, salaries, superannuation, bonuses, sick leave, management, operating overheads, loss of knowledge and high turnover.

There potential that a hybrid system to outsource leads + have a cracking internal sales team, which pays their sales to close deals, not labouring over lead generation.

  • Lower staff overheads – recruitment costs, wages, training, superannuation, bonuses, vacation pay, sick pay and potential loss of deep knowledge.
  • Maximise lead generation processes – allows sales team to focus on sales meetings rather than prospecting – saving time + money.
  • Remove dead wood – let go of underperforming sales/marketing staff and transfer those savings into sales funnels that your sales staff can work and convert = sales up + costs down.
  • More leads means more $$ – Quality leads that convert should reduce your costs per sale = revenue increase.
Referring Partner

Sharing The Affiliate Vibes.

We’re always grateful to have recommended contacts in our CRM.  To say thanks to you, we offer a affiliate or finder’s fee of AU$150 for each quality, established customer.

A dude that helps to increase your marketing reach with leads for commission.

An monetary payment, as an specific and absolute figure for each confirmed transaction.

We offer commission as a flat rate monetary amount as agreed in the terms above.  We do not offer a percentage of the sale option.

Generation Collective extends the payout once the referral sale takes place. 

No, well not yet anyway!  We will continue to monitor this and be looking for cool ways to ensure we all can benefit from affiliated marketing.